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People that think members of the Tea Party Express and white supremacists should get along might think otherwise after seeing this video.

A Tea Party rally in Phoenix got a little out of hand after a member of the National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi group, tussled with a Tea Party member at a protest outside of Phoenix’s state capitol building.

The fray initially started when a the NSM was told to leave the rally after they were told by American Citizens United, whom organized the event, that racist messages were not allowed and would not be tolerated at the event.

Most members of the intolerant fringe group left but two, whom stood adjacent to the protestors; one has a confederate flag while the other unfurled an Adolf Hitler banner.

At least he attempted to anyway.

An event organizer quickly snatched the banner from the neo-Nazi, sparking him to answer in trademark violence. He sent the man tumbling to the floor with a vicious shove.

No one was seriously injured in the affair., but I am sure that there were some bruised egos after everything was said an done. . .