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Whoopi Goldberg sent a video message to her co-hosts of The View while recovering from COVID-19, knocking down online conspiracies in the process.

On Wednesday (September 6th), Joy Behar opened up the episode by informing the audience as she did the day before that Goldberg was absent due to COVID before playing a video message from the EGOT winner. “In spite of everything you’ve heard,” said a masked-up Goldberg, “I am not at Burning Man, I am not still in Italy, I am not trying to change the outcome of the election, I just have Covid.”

She commented that she was still testing positive for Covid, so she would not be on the show for the next few days. Goldberg went on to state that she was “thrilled to see the beautiful new desk” which made its debut on Tuesday for the premiere of the daytime talk show’s 27th season. “And I’m thrilled to see all the beautiful women…I can’t wait to get back and hang out.”

It’s the third time that Goldberg has been infected with COVID-19. Behar took time out to address the mounting conspiracy theories peddled by right-wingers, who claim that high-profile announcements of those who had caught Covid were being created to initiate government crackdowns through mandates. The White House previously announced that First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid on Monday (September 5th).

Behar added her two cents about all of the conspiracy theories on air. “People write she got the vaccine so how come she still gets it?” she said. ” “Because she’s not dead! She’s just a little under the weather. If you don’t get [the vaccine] and you get the disease you might die.” Co-host Ana Navarro joined in to say, “Before we had the vaccines, people did die.” Behar then quipped, “This type of irrational talk drives me nuts.”