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Just when you thought the Hot 97 Summer Jam war of words regarding Nicki Minaj was over, Peter Rosenberg added more fuel to the fire. Since Minaj opted not to speak with him directly, and go to Funkmaster Flex , she may have  left him no choice but to speak on the matter. During his morning show Tuesday (June 5) the radio personality set the record straight, and like the Harajuku Barbie before him, he didn’t hold back.

 “About this Nicki Minaj situation that’s become an international incident, I need to be clear,” he said. “I gave an opinion on a song and Nicki Minaj and Young Money decided to skip Summer Jam because of an opinion. Not  a personal attack, nothing derogatory because she’s a woman, which is insane to even imply.”

Rosenberg also blasted Minaj for not showing up, which he said would never happen “back in the day,”  yet it wasn’t until he got to the subject of the 29-year-old’s alleged boyfriend, Safaree’s, Twitter rant that he really got heated. “Nicki’s boyfriend went on Twitter and said he was going to punch me in the face because I don’t like  a pop-dance song that his  girlfriend made. Word homie? Is that your favorite song? A girly a** dance-pop song? Well listen, I tell you what, ‘Nicki’s boyfriend,’ you want to punch me in the face because I don’ t like pop-dance song? Please go right ahead, just make that check payable to Peter E. Rosenberg!”

Although Safaree stopped addressing Rosenberg by name, he tweeted a few thinly-veiled responses to the controversy. We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll ever try to make good on his threat.


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