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The girlfriend of the man shot by police for eating a homeless man’s face, is not only showing her own face, but has a high-profile lawyer. Yovonka Bryant has hired Gloria Allred to aid in her campaign against cannibalism. Although the 27-year-old did an interview with a Miami newspaper she has not made an announcement in front of the public eye until Wednesday (June 6).

Standing next to Allred, Bryant addressed the media, expressing her love for boyfriend, Rudy Eugene. “I love Rudy Eugene,” she said. “I felt safe with Rudy.” Bryant continued to defend Eugene’s reputation stating that they “never disccusesed cannibalism.”

While no one understands why she hired Allred since she has no plans of filing a lawsuit and won’t face criminal charges, the well-known attorney wants to use the unfortunate occurence to bring about change.  “Yovonka and I are very concerned about the issue of cannibalism and the number of cases that are being reported,” she said. “We are hopeful that  Yovonka can help the public understand the dire consequences of cannibalism for its victims.”

Eugene’s story was one of two big “zombie” stories littering the news circuit last week. As previously reported, a Morgan State University student, Alexander Kinyua, killed his roommate before eating pieces of his brain and heart.

Click below to see a couple flicks, including a photo of the happy couple…before the face-eating scandal.



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