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President Obama held a press conference earlier today, and there was one major subject on his mind: the economy. The POTUS took time off from his re-election campaign to speak to the media about the current state of the economy, stemming from the disappointing job report released last week.

According to Obama, lack of support from Congress has put a hold on his job creation plan. “They left most of the jobs plan just sitting there,” he said. “And in light of the headwinds we’re facing right now, I urge them to reconsider. Because there’s steps that we can take right now to get people back to work.”

The president’s words come one day after Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, called the economy under the Obama administration a “moral failure.” Romney also accused Obama of refusing to reveal his job plan, but  –like the commander in chief—political blogger, Jed Lewison,  pointed out that the  lack of partisan support is the actual hold-up.

During his address to the media, the president also spoke on a recent leak of confidential information, vowing that the Government would open a full investigation into the matter.


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