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Just yesterday, T.I.’s Grand Hustle record label was the victim of a bomb scare. As previously reported, police were called to the scene after two Molotov cocktails were found near the label’s office.  Now the CEO of the company Jason Geter is speaking out in his co-founder’s absence about the incident. Geter spoke with reps for MTV News about what occurred.

According to him, an alarm went off around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday. When Grand Hustle staff went to investigate the situation, they discovered that one of the windows had been broken by a 40 oz. bottle. No suspects have been named as of yet, but Geter did tell the news network that he has someone in mind.

“A kid came over there a couple of days ago that acted kind of crazy, I  wasn’t there, but some kid that was a little off was pretty much asking for somebody to come to his party. He got a little irate when he was in the office. We’re kind of assuming it was him. He made a couple of threats when he was in the office. Two days later, this happens. You can’t help but say, ‘It must have been this idiot.’”

The record label is moving on from the incident and preparing for Young Dro’s release, P.O.L.O. a.k.a. Players Only Live Once.