young dro

Not like this Polo Dro, not like this. Atlanta rapper Young Dro will be getting jail time for his banana pudding assault on his girlfriend.

Young Dro was in the news last week after it came out that he flung banana pudding at his girlfriend during an argument. New details have emerged that suggest the Grand Hustle rapper hit the woman and got a little stabby with some furniture too, allegedly.

Young Dro is once again gift-wrapped in all the struggle. The Atlanta rapper was arrested for attacking his girlfriend with banana pudding.

Young Dro has been arrested for bringing drugs and guns onto a college campus.

“Xanny Family” members may have new problem on their hands. It is being reported that a new impostor drug called the “Super Pill” that looks like Xanax, but is 10 times stronger, is hitting the streets and killing anyone who touches it.

Young Dro makes decent enough music, but lately he’s made more news for getting in trouble with the law. Yesterday (Jan. 21), Polo Dro was arrested after police found half a Xanax pill on his person.

Young Dro was in a blessing mood on 4/20, which is fitting considering the day’s dual connotation. The Hustle Gang rapper debuted a pair of mixtapes in Black Label and Purple Label.

T.I. gave a DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee, and DJ MLK an exclusive record titled “Hell You Sayin” for their upcoming SXEW: Volume 1 mixtape. This is a Hustle Gang affair, as it features Iggy Azalea, Young Dro, and Travi$ Scott.

Things were looking shaky for Young Dro for a while (his debut,  Best Thang Smokin’, dropped way back in 2006), but the Atlanta rapper has gotten his career back on track. Polo Dro is dropping a new album, High Times, next week, but you can get a guilt-free and legal listen right now. 

Whether you call them the Grand Hustle crew or just the Hustle Gang, the Atlanta collective continues to deliver the music. The latest video from the house that T.I. built is “Poppin 4 Sum,” featuring Young Dro, B.o.B. and Yung Booke.

Young Dro is still Hustle Gang affiliated and the Atlanta rapper drops a video for “Swoop.” Just so you know, the last place you want to watch this video is during work hours or while you’re spending quality time with your underage kid.

“Get doe or die” is the motto for T.I.’s Hustle Gang, who are prepping a mixtape called G.D.O.D. With just days before the project’s set to release, we receive a third sampling with a “We Still In This” remix.