One of the more controversial stances in the Nation’s teachings is the idea that the White race was created by the Black scientist Yacub many thousands of years ago. This portion of the doctrine derived from NOI teachings and embraced by the Five Percent, creating an obvious barrier between the Black members of the nation and White outsiders. Another point of criticism the Nation faces is the lack of true governance and observing of rigid laws when compared to their NOI and Black Muslim counterparts. Some Five Percent members indulge in smoking and drinking, activities generally frowned upon in the Islamic community. Because of how many interpreted Father Allah’s teachings, members sought to govern themselves and set rules that are based on their own understanding of the degrees.

As mentioned previously the Nation of Gods and Earths found themselves in the news because of the aforementioned Supreme Team helmed by the notorious Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Intercepting what New York police referred to as “five percenter language,” a ranking Supreme Team official was brought to justice in May of 2012. Even some Wu-Tang Clan members with Nation affiliation have admitted to being involved in illegal activity during their early days.

While some Nation members have been involved in crime, there are record numbers of members who are law-abiding citizens raising strong families. Every June, the annual “Educational and Science Show and Prove” event. is a gathering of families, friends, performers, and others under the Nation of Gods and Earths’ banner.

There are several books written by Nation members, one of the most popular being Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life. However, the best way to learn more about the Nation is from an actual member who can best address the curiosities of the inquisitive as was intended – by way of focused and dedicated fellowshipping along with instruction.

Thanks to the Internet and social media channels, the Nation thrives today despite a much-lowered presence when compared to the large cultures and faiths around the globe. There are several streams of discussion happening around the Internet daily regarding Nation activities, and there are several chapters nationwide and globally where a person can learn more.

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