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Source: @getdothiphop / Instagram

Hip-Hop continues to unite individuals from all over the globe. A new company is making connecting with like minds easier with .HipHop domain names.

Digital Music News is reporting that Dot Hip Hop is making strides in tech on the behalf of the culture. This new start-up allows users to register websites with a .HipHop domain name. Not only does the service make it easier for entrepreneurs to connect their brand to the art form it also hopes to empower the Hip-Hop community overall by providing a simple but effective way to own IP.

“There’s a lot to the story of our dedication to the community and the culture,” Managing Director Monte Cahn said in an exclusive statement to Digital Music News. “We’re trying to re-educate people about the importance of having your own intellectual property, your own identity, utilizing it properly, and being able to monetize it.” He also went on to point to the downfalls of most social media apps. “These platforms own everything that you do and say. You can be cut off and deleted and even hacked by others while using these platforms,” he added.

Ajene Watson, Managing Director, also reaffirms that the company’s mission statement also includes economic empowerment. “We are creating an environment where the culture can own equity in Dot Hip Hop, LLC — the registry that holds the license to operate the .HipHop extension” he said. “Secondly, we’re promoting financial literacy and economic opportunity by teaching the community about digital real estate — researching, analyzing, buying, developing, and selling these domain names”.

.HipHop domains can be purchased here or at GoDaddy.