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The 2012 presidential race won’t hit its peak until this fall, but President Obama has already clocked an impressive victory. The commander in chief is leading his opponent, Mitt Romney, in 12 important swing states, according to a poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal.

While Obama only has a narrow lead over Romney on a national level, important battleground states—like Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa—are key in determining who will win the election. Obama holds 78 percent of those polled versus Romney’s 68 percent, in the aforementioned locations.

Unfortunately, the state of the economy continues to be the president’s Achilles heel, as the lack of jobs has hindered his approval rating. However, the POTUS will also garner strong support from the Hispanic community, given his stance on immigration, which has helped give him a 40-point lead over Romney. Obama’s win over the Republican hopeful will also help him in states largely populated by Latinos, like Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

Another big factor in the election is healthcare reform. The Supreme Court is set to vote on whether or not making every American purchase health care is unconstitutional, later this week, and the outcome may negatively affect the president. “If the election is a referendum on health care or the economy, the odds work to Romney’s favor,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey alongside Republican pollster Bill McInturff. “Obama is the odds-on favorite if it’s a referendum on the personal aspects.”

For his part, Romney has a strong hold on Tea Party voters, which may help him win the Midwestern states. 


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