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Machine Gun Kelly done f-cked up now, word to Bill Duke in Menace II Society. During the red carpet at this past weekend’s BET Awards, Baller Alert TV asked the Bad Boy rapper about his reported love for Black women. After revealing that his own daughter is Black, the rapper’s answer quickly devolved into cringe-worthy awkward struggle.

“Black girls give the best head,” opined MGK. “A hundred percent, yeah. Facts.”

He continued, “Now this is what y’all do. Y’all either give the best head or you say you don’t give head. White girls they just give head. I’m saying…it’s not that you don’t give the best head, it’s just that most of y’all say, ‘I don’t do that, unless your my man.’ Whereas you just need to show your skills, cause Black girls give the best head a hundred percent.”

Let us break down just some of the multiple levels of fail seen in the video below. The artist starts off the answer be referring to his young daughter, who if you go by the one drop rule is African-American, and hopefully one day blossom into a grown woman. The same woman MGK refers to as giving the best head. Also, this is not the best topic of conversation to be having off the top of your head, as a Caucasian man, on a red carpet, at a BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION event. Lastly, when a woman walks off for a feeling a ways about his suspect commentary, MGK goes on an ugly, misogynistic tirade that makes you wonder what dude says when there aren’t any cameras around.

Watch the clip for yourself below. Please let us know what you think of Machine Gun Kelly’s “compliment” to Black women in the comments.



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