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Ann Romney is thoroughly confused. The wife of presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, has accused the commander in chief of working towards her husband’s demise. Referring to an article quoting one of Obama’s campaign advisers, Romney held no punches in blasting the POTUS. “Early on we heard what their strategy was, it was ‘Kill Romney,’” she told CBS. “That was their memo that came out from their campaign and it’s like, ‘Not when I’m next to him, you better not!’”

Surely the president is not interested in taking the life of the former governor, and probably meant that he would “kill him in the poles,” come November.

While Mrs. Romney is often seen and not heard, her words may go over as a positive representation of supporting her better half. When asked, commentators on MSNBC’s News Nation were split in their commentary on how her views will be received.

In order to sway the outcome of the election , Romney has the job of making himself relatable to average (non-white) voters, a task which may be hard given his stance on immigration and Obama’s health care reform law. His wife’s delusions probably won’t help his reputation for being out of touch, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Republican candidate can turn things around in the coming months.

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