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Lil Yachty Says Kai Cenat Has More Money Than 90% of Rappers

Source: Kaitlyn Morris / Getty / Lil Yachty

Popular streamer Kai Cenat got some high praise from Lil Yachty.

In a recent episode of Cool Kicks that was released on Saturday, Oct.14, Lil Yachty talked his ish in a rant about the streaming platform made popular by gamers, Twitch, boasting that he was one of the first Hip-Hop stars alongside “rapper” Post Malone on the platform.

The “Talk To Me Nice” crafter also used his rant to give props to Twitch’s current superstar streamers Kai Cenat and Adin Ross, both of whom have made successful careers off streaming alone.

Ironically, Cenat has confronted Ross about his use of the N-word.

“Kai is my brother, shouts out to Kai. Shouts out Fanum, shouts out the whole AMP, shouts out f**kin’ Adin Ross,” Yachty said. “Yeah, for real. The young guys, the young bros, they goin’ crazy. Kai for sure got more money than, I think, 90 percent of rappers. 90 percent of rappers, I think Kai got more money than them. Adin too, sure!”

Regarding Cenat, what Yachty is saying is definitely not cap. Cenat broke the record for subscriptions in a month, getting over 300,000 subscribers in the month of February alone.

Cenat has also won awards for his for his streaming.

Kai Cenat Drama

But he has also seen his share of drama. Cenat caught some well-deserved flack after allowing a white woman to say the n-word during a stream.

Cenat was also arrested in New York City in August for causing a riot with his impromptu PS5 giveaway. Still, Cenat remains as popular as ever, with people like Travis Scott and Offset vouching for him.

As for Yachty, his claims of being the first rapper on Twitch caught the ire of Soulja Boy, who is first to everything, it seems.

The rapper went on a nonsensical rant about Yachty’s comments.

Per Vibe:

I ain’t gon’ even cap, Lil Yachty, sit yo bi**h-a** down, ni**a,” Soulja Boy barked about Yachty’s claims. “Drake, you and Lil Yachty getting on my muthaf**king nerves. Lil Yachty, you is a bi**h ni**a. Fruity-a** ni**a. Painting yo muthaf**king toe nails and sh*t.”

“I’m getting tired of y’all f**k ni**as,” he continued. “You wasn’t the first ni**a to do sh*t. I’m getting tired of y’all pu**y a** ni**as, man.

Someone needs to tell Soulja Boy to chill, and it’s not that serious.

Photo: Kaitlyn Morris / Getty