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Kanye West and his distaste for the media is well-documented, feuding with paparazzi as his fame grew to outsized levels. Kanye’s Twitter meltdown in November of 2010 drove a large wedge between him and the media that’s been ongoing, but he’s since gained recent attention due to budding relationship with Kim Kardashian. Frustrated by gossip site MediaTakeOut and their constant reports, Kanye lashed out while onstage at the Revel concert in Atlantic City and aimed some very disdainful words towards the site.

“Just look at MediaTakeOut, they so f-ckin’ full of sh-t. Show your motherf-ckin’ face, so I could smack the sh-t out of you,” said an agitated West as he addressed the crowd during his set which was caught on tape by Hot 97’s K Foxx. “Making up sh-t every day,” he continued to loud applause.

Kanye West continued to vent, clearly caught up in emotion. “I am flawed as a human being,” said Kanye. “I am flawed as a person, as a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect!”

Check out the clip below:



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