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Back in 1988, Big Daddy Kane rhymed about potentially opening a school of MC’ing (“Ain’t No Half-Steppin.” Unfamiliar? Look it up]. In 2012, Duck Down rapper Sean Price has opened a clinic where the Brooklyn representative gets to train would be MCs in the art of rhyme. However, it seems like Sean P doesn’t exactly have top flight talent to work with.

Bare witness to struggle rappers like the atrocious “Obama Don” and 42-year-old late comer E-Z Stevie B; the latter looks like a bootleg Johnny Drama from Entourage.

“I got some dudes who have no f-cking idea what rap is,” explains P. Body. “They’ve seen a few videos, they love Drake, sh-t like that. Big Lil Wayne fans, stuff like that which is cool. But what’s not cool is me trying to train them.”

Yeah, it gets even funnier. Check out Professor P and his disciples in the video below (part 2 drops tomorrow) Check out part 2 on the next page.

Sean Price’s new album, Mic Tyson, is coming sooner than later, we hope.;


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