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Desus Mero Rips DJ Envy During 'The Daily Show' Appearance

Source: Variety / Getty / Desus Nice

Desus Nice is also getting on the clown DJ Envy fun.

DJ Envy has been fighting for his life on social media since word of his real estate business partner, Cesar Pina was arrested for his involvement in a multi-million dollar real estate fraud scheme, and many believe the radio host was involved.

Everybody and their mama, including Rick Ross, has been going in on DJ Envy, and the latest public figure to take a dig at the Breakfast Club morning show co-host is none other than Desus Nice.

Desus Nice and his ill feelings towards DJ Envy is no secret, and call it divine timing, he used his special guest appearance as the host of The Daily Show clown DJ Envy.

Per HipHopDX:

“It’s definitely not funny,” he began, sarcastically referring to how their relationship turned sour live on air a few years back. “There’s certainly nothing personal that makes it funny to me. It’s not like RaaShaun [DJ Envy’s real name] accosted me on the radio for making a little joke about him and his wife, which I only thought we were friends!

“It’s not like he called me ‘dickhead’ and then got so mad, he locked himself in the studio for the rest of the show and then told the building security I was a threat. But even if that happened, that’s all in the past.”

“We’re not laughing at this. We’re also not asking, ‘who’s the dickhead now?'” he said. “I’m just doing the news and the news is that DJ Envy’s a DJ — a man who turns tables, and now, the tables have turned.”

Desus Nice Beef With DJ Envy Goes All The Way Back To 2018

Desus Nice and DJ Envy’s beef goes back to 2018 when Desus and Mero stopped by The Breakfast Club, and the interview went left.

Minutes into the interview, DJ Envy checked the former duo about comments made on their Viceland show he perceived as disrespectful towards his wife.

“It’s not a joke when you’re talking about my wife,” Envy told the duo. The comment in question is when Desus joked, “You knew them DJ Envy checks, though,” talking about when Envy’s wife said she didn’t know DJ Envy but knew RaaShaun.

Envy’s wife made those comments while appearing on The Real while talking about her husband’s infidelity.

After the duo offered multiple apologies, Envy, or as Desus calls him, DJ Envious, walked out of the interview, and the beef has been ongoing since.

Photo: Variety / Getty