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Gucci Mane "Breath of Fresh Air" Album Release Show

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Gucci Mane gets candid about his career and talks about not being in “a healthy place” when getting his face tattoo years ago.

As Gucci Mane is in the middle of doing promotions for his new album, Breath of Fresh Air, he sat down as a guest on The Morning Hustle radio show to talk about the state of self-reflection working on the album he experienced. In the conversation, he was asked if he would take credit for the current trend of rappers getting facial tattoos similar to his. “I wouldn’t take credit for starting the trend, but I think I definitely made people think it was something cool to do,” he said.

Gucci Mane elaborated on that statement. “I was going through something when I did it. If I could do it over again, I probably wouldn’t have [done] it.  He acknowledged he was dealing with a lot mentally, but has no regrets over the ice cream tattoo, which he got in 2011 and set the Internet ablaze. “People don’t know the backstory to that. I wasn’t in a healthy place at the time. That was just a sporadic thing I did.”

The “So Icy” rapper did talk about the regrets he did have, mainly his beefs with other artists. “There’s a couple things I regret doing that I see people think I think is cool, some things I said or did,” he began. “[I] disrespected people and I’m like, ‘Damn.’ I look back on that now that I’m mature and I look down like this s— ain’t even … I wouldn’t handle it like that.” He recently squashed a long-standing beef with T.I., and was recently honored by the city of Atlanta with his own day earlier in October.

Gucci Mane was also asked how he’s been maintaining his cool and avoiding trouble since pleading guilty to a charge of possession of a firearm while being a convicted felon in 2014. “Just focusing on … the job, my freedom, my family, and knowing it could be taken away from me,” he told the Morning Hustle hosts. “It ain’t too far removed from my mind sitting in the cell, and how nasty it was. You know I don’t want to go back.”