Police brutality has long been a hot-button topic in communities across the nation, and is among the many issues that we here at Hip-Hop Wired cover, but according to a Texas police officer, it doesn’t happen very often.

Officer Nicalle Edwards was profiled by News One for their “police brutality” series and opened up about the struggles of being a Black cop. As a victim of s-xual and physical abuse, Edwards was inspired to get into law enforcement to “make a difference,” and help other potential young victims.

Given her career choice, Edwards said that she isn’t “compelled” to speak on police brutality. “Fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with any police brutality cases,” she said. “It is not as prevalent as you might think.  The few cases that I’ve seen from neighboring departments have been dealt with expeditiously.  I hold myself and my fellow officers to a high standard, and I personally don’t have an issue with reporting behavior that is unbecoming of an officer.”

While Edwards may believe that police brutality isn’t as big an issue, perhaps she should indulge herself in a quick Google search of the words “police brutality in Texas,” which will bring up countless examples discrediting her statements. Furthermore, information compiled for a 2009 state-by-state statistical breakdown revealed that in less than a year there were  29 reports of police misconduct in Dallas— the city where Edwards works. On a national scale, police brutality accounted for the largest percentage of misconduct reported by civilians.

To be fair, Edwards did acknowledge that the police are “responsible for the negative stigma” hanging over their heads, stating that many are “ever evolving, just like the world.”

So while the police evolution moves forward, loads of innocent people continue to lose their fight for redemption over officers who most often seem to come out victorious.


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Photo: News One

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