Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of the late Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) is prepping the release of a children’s book on her father, reports the New York Post. The literally work, titled Young Malcolm: The Little Family Values, will drop early next year via Simon & Schuster.

“The book’s about my father growing up, and the childhood values that were instilled in him from parents and elders in our community, that go into creating great people,” Shabazz told the Post. Despite being targeted at children ages 3 to 12, Shabazz said older readers will also enjoy the work. “I would even want to read this book [as an adult],” she said.

Shabazz is also the award-winning author of Growing Up X.

Like her father, who traveled to Nigeria in 1959, Shabazz recently returned from the country where she retraced his footsteps.

In the years since his 1965 assassination, and the death of his wife, Betty, in 1997, the family has also suffered financial issues. Last December, another daughter, Malikah, was arrested for not paying back money to an elderly woman, whose identity she stole.

The estate of Malcolm X was also in fear of having items auctioned off for skipping out on a more than $2,000 storage bill, but have since settled the discrepancy.

Young Malcolm: The Little Family Values is due out February 2013.


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