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As anticipation begins a steady climb for the next album from rapper Game, R.E.D., he is already looking past the upcoming release with the following.

The journey for Jayceon Taylor has been quite a bumpy road in rap.  Emerging alongside 50 Cent and G-Unit to drop The Documentary and then being forcefully removed to wage war with his former rap buddies, Game has found a way to create his own identity, although there may be more than one personality inhabiting his mind.

With his upcoming release on February 16, things have come full circle as he has linked back up to once again become the doctor’s advocate with Dr. Dre.

While recording with Pharrell in the studio, DubCNN was able to speak with the rapper and learn more about the next rumored album Diary of Compton, which should follow R.E.D., and who he intends to tap into to bring the project together.

“Ice Cube is the big homie, Dr. Dre, you know, is like the father-figure or like a big brother to me in Hip Hop, Snoop is going to be down with Game.  Me and Snoop ride or die for each other in music or in the streets.  He’s like my big brother and he holds me down.  To put it together, it ain’t nothing, but it’s gonna take everybody, The Dogg Pound, Daz and Kurupt, to come together and really help me perfect that album or else I can’t do it halfway.”

“I gotta it 100% of what the definition of what Compton is to all the artists involved, myself and what people see from the outside looking in.  I want to depict Compton in a way that’s so real that you feel like you’re from Compton, if you’re not.  You feel like you see or you been through what I’ve been through in my life. “

Slated to be an album of epic proportions, the album is waiting at the batter’s cage, waiting to step foot onto the mound once it is finally ready.  As the last contractual album, the last offering can only be a smash before the curtains close, if they do, with Interscope.

“It’s on hold.  Hopefully it can be my fifth album, which would be my last album on Interscope/Geffen, but I really wanna make that happen.”

He also added more on his current process and stated that his experience with Pharrell has done nothing but give him a better outlook on the producer that made “Allure” for Jay-Z.

“Pharrell is my new favorite producer.  I got a whole new respect for Pharrell and the Neptunes, but especially Pharrell and how he do his thing man.  The way that he coached me when I’m in the booth, it’s like a Pat Reiley to a Tim Hardaway or a Pat Reiley to a Magic Johnson.  They way that he let me run point guard when I’m inside that booth is just crazy.  People don’t really understand what the Neptunes are, but if you take away the Neptunes from Hip Hop, you take away the color in Hip Hop.”

The rapper also spoke on rumors that his upcoming album will feature him linking up with DJ Premier, whom he has yet to work with in his career.

“I’m supposed to be getting with Premier before Christmas.  I hope that happens because Premier is one of my favorite classic OG producers that’s still potent in Hip Hop today, of all time, and I can’t wait to get it in with Premier.”

Calling it his rededication to Hip Hop, Game is bringing out the heavy artillery this time around to show his love and appreciation for the craft, which can only be a positive for fans.  People may not be aware of which Game will appear, but there’s nothing wrong with being unpredictable as no one knows what to expect.