The backlash that Kanye West and Jay-Z received for the album was unparalleled. Those who created Detox-level anticipation for this album were disappointed that it was not the greatest rap album in the history of all mankind. And it wasn’t, fair enough. The other things that caused backlash caused all types of head-scratching. For example, the duo were condemned for taking a Maybach and turning it into a jet-powered joy ride for their video “Otis.” They were accused of glorifying their riches, even though the car was eventually auctioned off for charity. Critics claimed that Jay-Z and Kanye’s constant 1% talk smack dab in the middle of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement were insensitive to those going through the struggle. What do you expect two multi-millionaires to talk about when they aren’t selling drugs or trying to move out of their mom’s house anymore? Then, there was the constant illuminati talk that Jigga and Mr. West were doing the work of Satan himself. Yes, Satan. Apparently, conspiracy theorists believed that the artwork inside the album and the messages in the lyrics were satanist and that the two were a part of an all-knowing underground cult that controlled the universe or some BS like that. Dude, get a job.

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