The Rise Of Hit-Boy

Many songs came and went from Watch The Throne, but the album’s undeniable smash single was “N*ggas In Paris.” Everything from the beat to the catch phrases and to everything else it spawned since then screamed out instant classic as soon as the chopped and screwed “ball so hard” voice hit the speakers. Nobody benefited more from this song than Fontana, CA resident Hit-Boy. As one half of the Surf Club with Chase N. Cashe, he saw success producing another huge collaboration with Lil Wayne and Eminem on “Drop The World,” but “Paris” changed his life. Since then, he’s been the go-to producer in the game ranging from pop superstars like Justin Bieber to hardcore rap acts like Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. Now Hit-Boy’s star is burning as bright as ever with his rap debut, HitStory, which hit the net yesterday to positive reviews.

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