Daring White People To Say The N-Word

The bigger that “Paris” got, the more awkward white folks got the moment the song came on. Things got especially awkward last Fall during the Victoria’s Secret show in New York City when Jay-Z and Kanye West performed the song for throngs of seemingly endless white people. Singing the song was never really the problem, as the n-word was only said once notably and easily able to edit out. Talking about the song however was clearly when things got shaky. Most conventional Caucasians opted with just calling the song “Paris” like, Pauly D of the Jersey Shore. Gwenyth Paltrow however caused a bit of controversy when she tweeted “N***as in Paris, for real” with a picture of The-Dream, Ty-Ty and B-High while in Paris. Foul? Probably. But when you call the biggest song on your album “N***as in Paris,” you are kind of asking for it.

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