“Shush, Don’t Tell Anybody, But Tell Everybody.”

In the months and weeks leading up to Watch The Throne, everyone who was within a sniffs distance of Kanye West or Jay-Z was asked about this album. The answers were all pretty much the same, “I can’t talk about it much, but it’s amazing!” The reason why they couldn’t talk about it much is because they really didn’t know much. Artists that were rumored to be on the album all eventually hit the cutting room floor when The Throne eventually opted for no rap guest features, but that didn’t stop people from openly talking about nothing. Nobody knew anything until everybody knew everything and that was part of the mystique. Part of the hype to Throne was the unparalleled secrecy that the project was kept under, especially smack dab in the middle of the all important information age. No leaks, no tweeting from the listening session, not a damn bit of nothing. All you had was hearsay leading up to the album and when you finally heard it, it was nothing like you expected.

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