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Earlier this week, Bangladesh had unflattering words for “On To The Next One” producer Swizz Beatz, calling him musically “irrelevant” while providing poor, incendiary like “examples” to validate his point.  Bang  retracted his statement a day later, blaming XXL’s interviewer for misconstruing what he had originally said, after receiving backlash  from angry Swizz fans who came to his defense on Twitter.

Now, with the smoke somewhat cleared,  Swizz has finally given a response on how he felt about the situation during an interview with He dismissed Bang’s irrelevant claims, calling him a “clown,” as he cited his extensive résumé to refute any doubts of his mainstay power in current Hip-Hop.

“Don’t let this clown pump you up with this relevant. We at this video shoot right now. But you know anyways man, it’s all positive energy from me. I can’t get in that zone. I’m just happy to be here. Been doing this since 1998, 300 million-something sold. Domestically,” Swizzy said.

Watch the full interview below.



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