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A Georgia man misunderstood the purpose of 911 when he dialed the number to complain about his drug dealer.

Freddie Jerome Brown, called the emergency line requesting that police head over to an apartment complex in Athens-Clarke to arrest his dealer for stealing his money.

Once they made it out to the unit at around 3 a.m., Brown informed police that he wanted the dealer to head to the big house for the deceitful act. Recognizing the Brown was out of his mind, police did a little investigating at the  apartment where the alleged thievery went down. What they found, after speaking to residents, is that Brown had gone into the wrong apartment complex—because he was drunk.

The 43-year-old is said to have knocked on different doors asking for drugs and inquiring about where his money had gone.

Police arrested Brown, and charged him with trespassing. His shifty drug dealer is probably still at large—or the person never really existed. You be the judge.


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