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DJ Khaled may be “the best,” but maybe not at paying his bills. According to TMZ, Khaled owes his landlord over $50,000 in unpaid rent, and has yet to settle his debt, which means that an eviction is imminent.

Last September, Khaled rented a Miami apartment from Misci LLC. The agreement was that he would make two payments of $66,000 each. While he handled the first transaction, he failed to cover the entire balance of the second, causing the landlord to file court documents to have him kicked out of the unit.The 36-year-old worked out a new deal to break up the rent into three payments, and shelled over $11,000. He was scheduled to drop the remaining $55,000 a month later.

Misci gave Khaled a three-day notice to vacate the property, of which he reportedly refused. The company is suing to have him removed, and is seeking payment to cover their legal fees, in addition to Khaled’s outstanding rental debt.

If Khaled did in fact skip out on the bill, it’s not because he can’t afford it. With a reported net worth of over $30 million, a $55,000 rental payment seems like a drop in the bucket.

Khaled can expect to bring in even more money when he drops his Kiss the Ring album on Aug. 21.


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