Wiz Khalifa

When Wiz first dropped, not too many people outside of Steeler country gave too much of a ish about him. He released the independent album Show and Prove under Rostrum Records in ’06 and was signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007 before they figured he wasn’t ever going to be isht and gave him his walking papers parted ways.

That’s until…

He dropped his second album on Rostrum, Deal or No Deal in 2009 then his mixtape opus Kush & OJ the following year. The props he got from that mixtape earned him a deal with Atlantic Records. Then his single “Black and Yellow” hit #1 on Billboard charts and jetted the skinny rapper into the stratosphere. He has since started his own label, Taylor Gang Records and is one of the hottest young acts in the music industry. Oh yeah, and he’s engaged to Amber Rose. He went from a shelved rapper to household name in a few years time, not bad for a pot head.

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