Tech N9ne

Tech Neener bounced around like an army brat early on in his career as a member of the groups; Black Mafia, 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains and Nnutthowze. It was with the latter that he signed a deal with Perspective Records in 1993. They were later dropped like a candy wrapper on a busy street by the label, and eventually disbanded. He even formed a collective with Yukmouth called The Regime in 1997 and bounced around to labels like Qwest and JCOR Records in an attempt to capture breakthrough success.

That’s until…

He started his own label Strange Music in 1999 and grew into one of the biggest indie artists in the nation. Tech is an artist with a cult following and has sold over 1 million copies without major label promotion. His music has appeared in television shows, videos games and movies.

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