Rick Ross

Ricky Rozay had been penning rhymes for the likes of Trina before he finally got his shot as a solo artist. Once he got his foot in the door, acquired that Def Jam deal and started making hits, it seemed there was no turning back for the man-breast flashing bawse. Then he was exposed as being a CO. Not only was there hardcore evidence that Ross was a copper, there were pictures. Then, to make matters worse, he lied about the whole thing. Cats were coming at his neck [II] and jokes were in abundance. People were just waiting for his career to fall flat. No way could he bounce back from being exposed as a badge turned drug lord rapper.

That’s until…

He kept dropping hits and people stopped giving a f-ck about his correctional officer past. It was that simple. Even real gangsters were coming to Ross’ aid and bigging up the “B.M.F.” rapper. Now the evidence that once threatened to end his career seems like nothing more than a fly on the Mack truck windshield of the Miami rapper’s career. Ruh!

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