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Writer Henry Adaso found himself in the sights of Universal Music Group’s legal team after writing a review for Drake’s sophomore smash album Take Care for the website, which was eventually removed for what the label charged as “copyright infringement.” Adaso alleges that the powerful record company, which also serves as the parent base for subsidiary label Young Money Records, had his 50-word review of the 2011 album removed from Google search results based on his poor rating of the album.

Writing on website The Rap Up, Adaso admitted that his review was not entirely favorable. He even stated  that he “warmed up” to the album later on. However, Adaso was baffled as to why his review was on UMG’s radar along with another piece from the AV Club that actually praised the album.

Take Care received generally favorable reviews. Mine was not what you would call a ‘favorable review,’ even though I eventually warmed up to the album. Some readers agreed with my rating. Others disagreed. Everyone moved on. Everyone, except Drake’s record label,” wrote Adaso.

Adaso posted both his original review and the DCMA complaint on The Rap Up, marking his links as one of the offenders of the copyright according to UMG. Adaso questioned the inclusion of the AV Club link, stating that it was a possible ruse from the record company. “The third review link on that DMCA notice points to the AV Club. Strange, seeing as they didn’t post any illegal stuff. In fact, they gave Take Care a glowing review. So why did AV Club get flagged? To deflect suspicion? These guys are good,” he added.

Adaso believes that UMG wrongly targeted his review based on a blogger who parodies Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killa as the connection that may have put his review under harsh scrutiny because of users adding the Big Ghost Chronicles review to the comment section.

Universal Music has not issued a statement regarding Adaso’s allegations.


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