A gunman in New York City is dead after opening fire near the Empire State Building, Friday (Aug. 24) morning. According to police, Jeffrey Johnson was a disgruntled former employee in the building, and killed his former boss, then started shooting other bystanders, before he was shot dead by authorities.

Johnson returned to his former job wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase.

Police say as many as 10 other people may have been injured. “We’re still in the midst of it,” said a spokesperson for the NYPD. “There are multiple victims, as many as 10 [and] the shooter who [has] been shot in the vicinity of the Empire State Building. There is nothing at this time to suggest a terrorist attack.”

As the tallest structure in the city, the Empire State Building is a major attraction, and tourists at the location during the shooting were in chaos. “They were completely stunned by what happened and were screaming,” revealed CNN producer Rose Arce.

This is the latest mass shooting to rock the nation in recent weeks. In July a gunman killed several people inside a Colorado screening of The Dark Knight Rises, while in Wisconsin a man opened fire inside a Sikh Temple.

In light of the aforementioned shootings, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for stricter gun regulation, and addressed the city after this morning’s incident.  “Earlier this morning, a man who had been fired from his job about a year ago began shooting. He killed one person, at least nine shot. Some may have been accidentally shot by the police,” he said. “I ask everyone to keep victims in their thoughts. This is a terrible tragedy, and it would be no doubt more tragic without the heroic acts of the policemen. Every day, the police put their lives on the line to save lives bravely.

“NYC is the safest big city in the country, but we are not immune to the national problem of gun violence. This is the beginning of an investigation. Two are dead — the perpetrator and his victim. He does not appear to have a criminal record [at this time]. We’re just starting this investigation.”

Click below to see photos from the scene.


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Photos:WSJ/New York Daily News

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