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This fight between two dudes, one looking particularly down and out on his luck (no shoes, just socks), in Times Square is full of struggle. From what we can tell in the vid, the more disheveled looking character has beef with this other guy, and proceeds to swing at him wildly with a metal crutch. His stockier opponent fights back, even trying to swing one of those blue police barricades at his foe. Some people then halfheartedly try to break up the fight (one good citizen even has a walkie talkie, but clearly has no authority whatsoever because no one pays him any real mind). However, son with the crutch ain’t hearing it, wildly swinging, and missing, again.

Stocky dude then runs to grab the other crutch, catching a swing to the back in the process. Then, the two square off as if it was the bootleg version of a Jedi vs. Sith standoff. Hey, it’s a slow news day, and this ish is frikkin entertaining. Watch the fight below.

[Spotted at Animal New York]


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