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As Paul Ryan campaigns to become the country’s next vice president, one vote that he may not be able to count on is that of his ex-girlfriend, Deneeta Pope. Ryan and Pope dated for five years in college, before going their separate ways.

Now 40, Pope –who is a Black woman–gave several financial donations to President Obama’s 2008 campaign. She’s also a Democrat who notes Ryan as a “really nice guy,” and supports his endeavors. “I am indeed a Democrat. That’s no secret. But although I have a different political association to Paul, I support him and wish him continued success.” Falling short of endorsing her ex, the married realtor said that Ryan is a “very likeable person.”

Even though they split more than a decade ago, the two are still friends. Ryan even attended Pope’s wedding to her second husband, in May.

Further inquiry into Pope’s past uncovered that she was convicted of scamming her former employer, Ernst & Young, out of $77,000 for a training that never happened. She pleaded guilty to stealing a lesser amount , and spent five months in federal prison.

Ryan used Pope, and his Black sister-in-law, as examples of his personal experiences with racism, in a 2005 interview with Milwaukee magazine. He has also said that he is a “big fan” of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A native of Wisconsin, Ryan gave his speech at the Republican National Convention earlier in the week. Following the address several news outlets pinpointed the many factual errors in the speech.

The annual conference also featured an incoherent speech from actor, Clint Eastwood, and Mitt Romney’s official acceptance of the Republican nomination for president.


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