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Any artist would probably jump at the chance to work with Pharrell Williams, and Mac Miller has been lucky enough to not only work on a song with the Neptune, but to release an entire album. Having just praised him as being able to do “everything,” Mac tells Hip-Hop Wired that musically, the Virginia native  is every bit as amazing as the naked ear has observed.

In putting together their forthcoming Pink Slime release, Mac and Williams pushed sonic boundaries. “The possibilities are limitless,” Miller says of working with Williams. “We can do anything, it’s so cool. We spent a weekend, we made some crazy ‘Punch you in your face’ records, and started a rock band at the same time!”

All jokes aside, Williams’ more than 10-year career in the industry is a direct result of his dedication to his craft. “It’s dope because he’ s just so multi-faceted with music. I’m just tryi’n to get him to sing, I just want him to sing on every song. But it’s been a really dope project , he really believes in me and sees the vision, which is so cool because that’s one of the first people that I said I wanted to work with in interviews.”

Although they’ve been somewhat secretive about the contents of the release, Miller wants fans to prepare to be blown away. “It’s been a wild ride, we’ve got more coming,” he adds.

With the summer almost over, and the fall creeping in, the 20-year-old hopes that he will have time to rest going into the latter end of the year. “I’m actually about to chill out for the first time in two-and-a-half years. Two years ago, I would drive 13 hours just to probably do this interview [with Hip-Hop Wired], and after two years of touring and all that sh-t, I’ve realized that I want to stop touring for like four months. That’s all I want. I want to spend some time with my grandma, I want to like lift [weights] and get real bulky. Once I get bulky, it’s going down!”


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