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After attempting to assassinate the MMG General’s character via Twitter, Shyne Po called into The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show on Hot 97 to elaborate on exactly why he’s so mad at Rick Ross and Diddy. No Deric Angelettie pun intended. Apparently, the Brooklyn (by way of Belize) MC’s gripe with Rozay’s portrayal of street culture reached its boiling point when the Miami rapper released Black Bar Mitzvah, which Shyne feels was in some way a jab at him.

“I just find it curious that when Shyne Po, you know, do his Judaism thing, and I’m on my Israelite thing, you know, dudes was taking shots and they was trying to poke fun at that. And now, you know, fat boy is coming out with Black Bar Mitzvah,” claims Shyne, who likened Rick Ross to Donnie Brasco and Sammy The Bull due to his background as a correctional officer.

“And that’s another reason why these guys disgust me. You understand? Because you know Shyne Po is ’bout that like a trillion percent, and I’m paying the penalty for living such a real life. So I can say who has the license to talk about that life and who don’t.”

Shyne also spoke on his attempted reconciliation with former boss, Sean “Diddy” Combs. “It’s not about Shyne being mad and Shyne hating. And proof of that is the fact that I gave this creep the opportunity to redeem himself, and to correct a mistake that he knows that he made,” said the former Bad Boy MC. “He pretends to be sorry. Maybe he even wants to be sorry, but he’s so much of a creep. He just can’t find that part of himself. When he say, ‘God is great,’ I think he’s talking about himself. He thinks he’s God. He has no accountability.”

This interview honestly contains countless quotables, with some of the most prevalent words stemming from a slight verbal altercation between Shyne, Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg over the MC’s Orthodox Judaism faith. Aside from the slander, Shyne Po made it a point to momentarily mention his free album Gangland, which can be downloaded here. Listen to the full interview below.


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