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'GTA 6' Python Code & More Leak On The Web

Source: Rockstar Games / GTA 6

Another day, more stolen data from a respected video game developer has leaked.

*HHW Gaming will not be providing any links to any of the hacked material.*

Spotted on Insider Gaming, the mega hack that saw over 100 GB of stolen data last still haunts Rockstar Games.

Reports began to surface Christmas night that GTA V’s source code leaked in full, along with the Python code for GTA 6 and numerous files from the scrapped Bully 2 game.

Per Insider Gamning:

Until now, transactions were reportedly being held behind closed doors, with key data such as GTA 5’s source code, stolen by a teenager in a hotel room with a mobile device last year, changing hands in secret.

It has now been shared online, according to recent screenshots.

Not only that but it has also been claimed that every file relating to Bully 2 – the follow-up to 2008’s Bully – has also been leaked. In another screenshot that is floating around, fresh Python code from GTA 6 has also been revealed, along with some early, conceptual materials from GTA 5, such as an original rendition of the game’s map.

The leaks of GTA V’s source code are concerning because they could lead to the creation of “highly sophisticated cheats,” according to the website’s report.

More News From The Rockstar Games Hack

That wasn’t the only thing to come from the hack; leaked source code revealed plans for eight pieces of DLC for GTA V that Rockstar Games decided not to release due to the popularity of GTA Online and work on next-gen versions of the game.

The names of the reported DLC include:

  • ‘SP Assassination Pack’
  • ‘SP Manhunt Pack’
  • ‘SP Norman Pack’
  • ‘Agent Trevor’
  • ‘Relationship Pack’
  • ‘Enterprise Pack’
  • ‘Prologue DLC’
  • ‘LibertyV DLC’

This latest news also comes on the heels of reports that the young teenager responsible for the hack was sentenced to life in a hospital prison.

Oh, and the big Insomniac Games hack also released stolen material after PlayStation, and the video game studio did not pay the ransom demand.

We hope that in 2024, the leaks will come to an end.

Photo: Rockstar Games / GTA 6