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Last night’s showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan was highly anticipated by all who thought President Barack Obama floundered mightily in his first debate with his GOP opponent early last week. As expected, Biden came armed with his typical bombast coupled with years of experience, and appeared by many accounts to have bested his less experienced foe. The question that many pundits and laypersons have pondered: could this be the tide-shifting moment the Obama campaign has been waiting for? 

Squaring off in Danville in Centre College in the state of Kentucky, ABC’s Martha Raddatz moderated the debate with a measure of control PBS vet Jim Lehrer lacked in his time with Obama and Romney. The candidates discussed foreign and domestic policy concerns, much as their presidential counterparts did.

The Biden highlights were many. From laughing largely throughout the debate to humorously shaming the Wisconsin congressman, Biden pulled out every tool in his arsenal to gain the upper hand. Ryan, to his credit, was solid and poised for the most part – although he was curiously thirsty throughout the debate, taking several sips of water. Ryan also didn’t let the vice president bully him, and even casually mentioned that Biden was turning up the heat considering the Obama campaign is lagging at the moment.

The analysis of the debate swing depending on which side of the aisle one cares to respect. Some outlets give the nod to Biden, if only because he managed to dominate the debate with his outsized personality. Other say because of Biden’s blowhard mannerisms and lack of seriousness at times, Ryan was the victor. Either way, the election lull is no more as this already tight contest between Obama and Romney has been ramped up exponentially.

Check out the replay of the debate below:


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