Explanation behind making Dance Music. 

The R&B star caught a little bit of flack as he began to expand his music to the dance realm. On songs like “Closer,” and on “Forever Now,” off of R.E.D. “I wasn’t getting some of the respect my peers were getting. And it wasn’t because my music wasn’t as good or I wasn’t doing as well. I’m actually doing better,” says the Grammy winner “But it was because I’m not this hood dude, so because i’m not that i’m gay. Because i’m not that i’m this, and that s**t use to bug the hell out of me. I don’t get it. But now, i’m like you know what? All these people over here, f**k America. All these people over here, i’m rocking with y’all. And if the rest of you want to come along that’s cool too. If not, f**k you stay over there. Meanwhile, over here in Spain, over here in Brazil, over in the UK, i’m good. The world is bigger than American and you have to leave America to realize it.”

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