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National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase is under fire after breaking the unwritten code of ethics in Black/White relations.  In a reported protest over lines intended for his bigoted character Pierce Hawthorne of NBC’s Community, Chase used the “n-word towards the show’s writers, claiming he feared that his character would be asked to  use the word on the show.  Chase’s character has been known to unleash  offensive statements on the show, but not the “n-word. After the incident, the veteran comedic actor immediately apologized to his fellow cast members for his lapse in judgment.

In May, Chase vocalized his disdain for his character. “I’ve been too funny in my life to have to play a character who’s … moderately funny.”  He has also gone on record saying he was “getting tired” of playing Hawthorne, and would make the show and character funnier, if he were in charge. Though his apology seems sincere, this is not the first time Chase used the word.  In a SNL skit with the late Richard Pryor, Chase used the racial slur in a word association exercise.  However, unlike the Michael “Kramer” Richards’ incident that occurred in 2006, Chase’s sentiments were not directed toward any of his Black cast mates on Community.

No word from NBC on whether Chase will be reprimanded for the incident.


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