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The war of 140 characters between journalist/TV personality Touré, and mogul Donald J. Trump,  reached a boiling point earlier today (Oct. 22) as the two exchanged insults via Twitter.  In a recent tweet, the Apprentice mastermind stated, “When you are fired from MSNBC for your bad ratings and racist coverage, stop by and say hello.”

Not to be outdone, the former BET correspondent responded with a witty quip, “So, never? Ok.”  Touré and Trump have been candid about their disdain for one another in the past.  The feud stems from Trump’s numerous attacks on President Obama’s credibility, and most notoriously, his birth certificate.

The ongoing tweef between the two escalated on Friday (Oct. 19) when Mac Millers big homie tweeted out, “I’ll be making a major announcement on President Obama next week–stay tuned!”   Having enough of Trump’s disrespect towards the POTUS, the MSNBC host responded with a simple, “No one cares.”   He later followed that up with, “You know, when your ‘big’ announcement turns out to be bullsh-t you’re going to look like a fool. Oh wait, you already do.”

Since the tweets went out, followers on both sides have chimed in on the feud, giving support in the form of insults and praise.  MSNBC has not released a statement on the matter.


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