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Earlier today, we posted the reflective intro to Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares release. The more than three-minute piece is a verbal account of a dream turning into a nightmare, and in an interview with XXL magazine’s editor-at-large Shaheem Reid, the Philly rapper breaks down the entire concept. “I’m just going in, using lyrical abilities, flows, energy, being aggressive, cocky,” he tells Reid.

“I start off like real calm and just talking to them really over a beat, then [the] second part—when it gets to the nightmare part—I just start screaming and going bananas to the top of my lungs,”  Despite being a virtual newbie to the game, for his first release Meek tagged in the likes of Rick Ross, Wale, Trey Songz, and  John Legend, and for those of us who’ve heard the entire album, the intro is a fitting precursor.  “I could be a dream or I could be a nightmare,” Meek adds.

Certainly the aforementioned statement is an ode to the 25-year-old’s dual residence in the world of Hip-Hop stardom and street life, but given the anticipation behind his debut life is (hopefully) looking more like a dream than a nightmare.

Pick up Dreams and Nightmares when it drops, Oct. 30.