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It looks like size doesn’t matter. Terrell Owens has been having a tough year and is probably used to being defeated,  so when he accepted the challenge to go up against a wee streetballer by the name of  Mani Love, once again, things  didn’t work out in his favor.

The game went down in Los Angeles recently, and although he started off strong, Owens was no match for his tiny counterpart. Standing at just 4-foot-5-inches, Love took on Owens, who towers over him at 6-feet-three-inches, and weighs over 200 lbs. No matter his size, and assumed advantage, the former NFL player was quickly schooled by Love.

Before everything went down, the two traded a few healthy insults in the weight room. “I don’t wanna do it to you dawg,” Owens said when asked to play ball. Forecasting the outcome of the match up, Love sent out a warning. “You don’t wanna do it to me, or you don’t want it done to you?”

Unable to take a hint, the 38-year-old hit the court with Love, and in the beginning it appears that he’s headed for a win as he knocks out a few three-pointers, and is unable to be properly guarded by the little guy. Then the tide changes, T.O. starts bricking shots, gets hit with a mean crossover, and the rest is history.

Peep the video below. Little dude got hops.


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