“Trouble Man” Ft. R. Kelly (Produced By DJ Monte)

“We love R.Kelly, he’s a true genius and a phenomenal mind,” T.I. said about the R&B king. The title track of the album is not exactly what one may have expected. R.Kelly croons to the ladies on this one and asks “Could you learn to love a trouble man?”

Again, T.I. doesn’t hide from his faults and admits that “The danger is so enticing to me.” The message in this song is that it takes a special type of woman to love a guy like the Kang and R. Kelly. This song is really going to appeal to many of men who are admitted f**k-ups, but still want to be loved anyway. R.Kelly absolutely murders this bridge and takes us to church with a little bit of a soul clap. Another very, very, good record.

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