“Guns And Roses” ft. Pink (Produced By T-Minus)

Remember when Pink was a soulful R&B singer that would sing about “most girls that want the man with the bling-bling?” Well that girl may not ever come back, but she made a quick cameo in T.I.’s standout pop record, “Guns And Roses.” Produced masterfully by T.Minus, Pink uses those trademark pipes to belt out this song about loving a person so much and feeling so much passion for them, you don’t know if you want to kiss them or kill them. “Have you ever loved someone so much that you hate them,” Tip asks in the song. This is another truly exceptional record, which has the most crossover appeal of any song on Trouble Man. Probably as close to a “Live Your Life,” featuring Rihanna that Tip has gotten in quite a long time. This is a homerun.

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