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During his first bid for president, Barack Obama ran on the platform of “change,” and now his opponent Mitt Romney has picked up the same ideal.

During a campaign stop in Worthington, Ohio, Romney promised that if elected, his administration would usher in a new set of rules. “The American people now have to recognize that given the big challenges and the big election we have, it’s time for a big change — and Paul Ryan and I represent a big change for America,” he told supporters.

“This is a critical time for our country and the choice of paths we chose will have an enormous impact. We have huge challenges. These challenges are big challenges. This election is therefore a big choice. And America wants to see big changes and we’re gonna bring big changes to get America stronger again.”

Referencing his “big change” moniker 10 times, Romney also accused the president of not having a solid plan for running the country, referencing  the struggling economy, and disappointing unemployment figures.

A spokesperson for the Obama campaign retorted by laying out what they feel Romney’s plan is. “Here’s the ‘big change’ Mitt Romney is offering: going back to the same failed policies that caused the economic crisis and empowering the extreme voices in his party like Richard Mourdock,” spokeswoman, Lis Smith said in a statement.

Dropping his promise of “change” for this year’s election, Obama has launched a campaign under the plan of continuing to move the country “forward.”

As the days until the election wind down, the president has come under fire for launching a controversial statement at Romney in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, calling him a “bullsh-tter.”


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