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Coming from Toledo, Ohio, you may remember Dasit from Vh1’s “White Rapper Show.”  After a first round exit from MC Serch, Dasit felt that rhyming and putting your heart into music was not meant to be a 30-minute 16/bar writing session.  It was this attitude that makes Dasit one of the emerging MCs that you may want to keep an eye on.

With white rappers being a very small amount of the population in the game, Dasit hopes to bring the truth and a different style that will give you those classic albums that you can play from start to finish.  Whether he is spitting on an R&B track or going hard on a raw and gully level, Dasit promises to bring something to the table for everyone to enjoy.

HipHop Wired:  What made you decide to get into the rap game?

Dasit: A quick little story… I’m from the Midwest and back in the summer of 1990, a tornado coming through.  We decided with all my friends sitting around, let’s make up rap names and write some rhymes and everybody looked at me like I was crazy. From that day though I really got into it and I kept on going. I think the power of music back then, it was just beginning in the mid 80s and had that really rebel spirit in it, so that’s what kind of got me right into it, got me hooked.

HipHop Wired:  How did you get your first break?

Dasit: With Hammer. Demos get floated around, it got into his hands and he wanted to get me signed to his record label so we made it happen. Before that I met with VPs of labels, I went and auditioned and did everything that anybody could ever do to try and make it. It took a while but it finally happened.


HipHop Wired:  What kind of style or flow you gonna bring to the game that’s not really out there right now?

Dasit: What’s not out there, I guess I’d like to bring truth.  But just kind of bring in more truth to the rhymes. A complete album which you never see, not just a few singles and the rest is trash. I feel like I’m gonna bring power with my vocals and speaking the truth with some of the grittiness.   I want to bring some of that power to the stage… I think that’s what my voice has.  If I can carry the truth and keep it real and everybody can respect that I got talent, that’s really what it’s all about.


HipHop Wired:  What kinda of projects you working on right now?

Dasit: My current album that’s coming out American White. It’s coming out on Hammer’s label sometime next year. Currently I’m working on two mix tapes  that I’m giving away.


HipHop Wired:  Where can we find that?

Dasit: Anything you want to find about me, you can go to or you can go to It pretty much has anything on that web site. Hit me up on twitter, phone numbers, every other social networking site that I’m on. Everything is there… music, downloads, all that stuff.


HipHop Wired:  Being on Hammer’s label, what’s it like working with an MC who’s been in the game for years?

Dasit: It’s definitely a learning experience from the stories you hear.  You hear all the old stories.  He’s hung out with everybody and had this amazing life already. Nowadays he’s like a big brother more than anything but initially at first it’s like it’s Hammer.  He was a celebrity at first.  But I’ve known him for years now.   I see his work ethic, this guy don’t sleep.  He works 37 hours out of 48.   I don’t know where he gets time to sleep, maybe two hours a night. I feel like I got to do the same thing. I’m just trying to get my foot in the door which is the hardest thing to do. I got to work just as hard man, his work ethic is unreal.  He does more stuff than people probably know.

HipHop Wired:  Do you feel like you have to work a little harder than someone else coming up because you’re a white rapper?

Dasit: Not even being a white rapper, a rapper period or even a musician…the entertainment world is really hard to get into. Just like it’s not a lot of Black country artists, there’s not a lot of white rappers in the mainstream, for whatever reason that is, who knows. I feel like I got to work hard regardless.  There’s tons of talented people out here who want it more, who has the drive that is going to make opportunities for themselves, who is going to capitalize on them opportunities. The odds are a little tougher because there ain’t nobody out.  For 10 years there’s been like one guy out. I look at it as everybody’s always ready for something new so hopefully you got to get it at the right time.


HipHop Wired:  What do you like to do when you’re not on the mic?

Dasit: I’m a big NFL guy, so I’m definitely into NFL football.

HipHop Wired:  Who is your team?

Dasit: The Chicago Bears, they looked horrible last time. We just looked like trash. I’m in a bowling league.   I do a couple things to take my mind off of music. I’ve been directing, editing my own videos, and I just signed a deal to do a 50-city tour and hopefully I’m about to get a TV deal. I got things moving even without music and when I add Hammer on the scenarios there’s going to be that much more on top of it. Hopefully I got a good chance to make an impact.



HipHop Wired:  Tell us about that tour?

Dasit: Did a little deal to a 50 city tour that I’ll be headlining so I’m gonna be on the road.  I plan on doing a collaboration with somebody, I reached out to Keyshia Cole first.  Hopefully beginning of next year I’ll get the song done and it’ll be on the radio while on tour which is at least 50 cities.  Hopefully a TV deal will go with it.

HipHop Wired:  Who else would you like to collaborate with?

Dasit: I didn’t really collaborate with nobody on this first album just because I didn’t want to come out and just have nothing but big names on there, I kind of wanted to do it myself. I’d love to collaborate with a couple rock bands… especially Tool and Incubus. In the Hip-Hop game, I’d like to collaborate with some of the R&B guys first, something different. I would even do a faster club song, something with Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole. Come up with something really unique and different.

HipHop Wired:  Tell me more about the mix tapes you got coming out.

Dasit: I got mix tapes coming out called Secret Sessions. Basically what they were, another singer on Hammer’s label, Pleasure Ellis. We’re like best friends on the label.  We said hey, a singer and a rapper… let’s get together, we ain’t doing nothing right now, let’s just call these secret sessions we do in between our next album. I released probably 6 independent albums over my career, four that ain’t ever gonna come out. Did a couple of mixtapes with him that we giving away, it’s real fun. I’m u streaming them.

I’m showing people how I’m making the stuff, tons of videos, blogging about it, links to songs on twitter, free. They getting out there, man, they getting out there. Hammer promotes us.  He’s into social media, he knows all the guys in those companies. We’re web 3.0 artists he likes to say. Twitter, I’m going on 30,000 followers, just to put a mark on that…DJ Khaled Got 34,000 followers and I’m going on 30.   I’m trying to grind, build a free following, that’s what social media is.  You got to build as much as you can right there since it don’t cost you nothing. Then you can connect with fans. Twitter, u stream. Hit me on my say now number, there’s tons of ways to get a hold of me now.  Ain’t no curtains.

HipHop Wired:  If you wanted one person to know something about you and why they should buy your album, what do you want to say?

Dasit: If you thinking about it, I’m gonna give this guy a chance because when you get a chance to listen to the album and you hear song one through 15, I think you’re gonna definitely be satisfied that you bought my album. If you don’t know this is one of them albums that you need to give a chance because it’s a complete album.


Dasit – “Dem Jeans”

Dasit – “Stop Callin'”