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For seemingly no reason, Gucci Mane has been on a dissing rampage, slandering everyone from Young Jeezy to Young Joc these last few weeks. One time friend Yo Gotti, the latest artist to be given a few choice words from the Atlanta MC, had the opportunity to speak his peace about Gucci Mane with K97’s Devin Steel.

“It came down to me and homie dropping on the same day. I didn’t know it in the beginning. I found out probably a day or two later. But once I found out, because he supposed to be my homeboy, I hit his phone immediately,” according to Gotti.

“I’m thinking like, ‘We about to shut it down. Me and him coming out on the same day, it’s a wrap.’ So I hit him. He ain’t hit me back. So I’m thinking maybe he got a different number. You know ni–as change numbers all the time.”

Things took a turn for the worse when an affiliate of both MCs informed Yo Gotti that Gucci recorded a diss record about him. Gotti chose to take the high road on the situation, though, despite the circumstances.

“To me, at the end of the day, I’m more disappointed in him than anything because I looked at him differently. What I perceived him is not what played out. I thought [he] was a stand up, straight up guy and street dudes don’t handle business like that.”

Gotti continued, “I don’t know if I’m more shocked that dude said my name in a song that’s a diss record or the reason why the people say he said my name. Cause those same dudes who hit me that was in the studio with him were like, ‘Holmes was talking like I’ma keep dissing everybody ’til they react. I’m trying to get this iTunes money and show money.'”

There’s been no word from Gucci Mane yet, but considering his recent history this may be the opportunity for rebuttal that he’s been waiting for.

Check out the full interview below to hear Yo Gotti‘s full take on the situation.


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