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Recently, Meek Mill allegedly said (to people that weren’t paying attention, more on that later) that he was open to the prospect of battling either Murda Mook or Cassidy for $100K.  Soon after, the latter called into Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 radio station and said he was down to battler the MMG rapper, for the right amount “chicken,” as in money.

“Well, you know, that’s what I do, man. I mean, I’m cut from that cloth,” Cassidy told Hot 107.9’s Q Deezy. “I started off with battling so I’m into that but ever since I got a deal and started getting money up in this industry, it wasn’t really beneficial for me to battle especially with a bunch of those dudes that are battling all the time. I know I’ma bite they head off but it’s like, really, what am I going to get out of it? I ain’t have no reason to.”

However, it’s not lost on Cassidy that Meek has a higher profile than you average battle rapper—his debut, Dreams and Nightmares, just dropped—and said that the “Amen” rapper’s clout would make for an interesting match up. “Meek got that wave right now, he a household name, you bring him up, everybody know who you talking about,” he said, before adding, “We definitely can get a nice crowd, get some crazy sponsors and get some chicken up. So it’ll be beneficial for me to do something like that.”

Cass and Meek haven’t been on the best of terms. Earlier this year they got into a Twitter tiff when Meek told Cassidy to stop hating when it seemed like he felt a ways about not getting what he thought was enough support from the MMG rapper.

“If it came down to do a battle thing, I would love to do that. Cause it’ll be beneficial. I would get some credibility for biting somebody head off, and I’d get a nice little check out of it,” said Cassidy.

However, Meek took to Twitter to clarify that he never actually said he wanted to battle Cassidy or Murda Mook. “Man I said I wanted mook & cassidy to battle…. Mook the king of that sh-t to me!,” he tweeted. “My album hotter than any battle rap u can ever make! #DreamsAndNightmares go get that real sh-t!”

In the clip Meek refers to, journalist Shaheem Reid asked him who would be on the marquee if he promoted a battle. Thus, we’re betting that a Meek vs. Cassidy battle will never happen. It is what is is.

Listen to Cassidy’s full interview with 107.9 below. Peep Meek talking about battling on the next page.


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