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President Barack Obama made a stop at his campaign headquarters in Chicago after winning a second term before heading back to Washington, DC on Wednesday. The POTUS shed tears during an emotional address to the assembled staff, thanking them for the work they put in to get him re-elected.

Obama began the speech by referring to his days as a community organizer in Chicago, and said that the current staff was even more affective than he was. “When I come here and I look at all of you, what comes to mind is not that you guys actually remind me of myself. It’s that fact that you are so much better than I was.”

He then added, “Even before last night’s results, I felt that the work that I had done in running for office had come full circle,” said Obama, with the emotion cracking his voice and tears welling up in his eyes. “Because what you guys have done means that the work that I am doing is important. And I’m really proud of that. I’m really proud of all of you.”

Even in sensitive moments (watch the full video below), the President still exudes an awe inspiring sense of authority and power. Now, let Obama get this work.


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